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The MAPS Canada School of Psychedelics

The MAPS Canada School of Psychedelics provides education to promote safe, legal, and equitable access to psychedelic medicines. The school provides programs for everyone from clinicians and researchers to policy makers and anyone interested in learning more about psychedelics. By using equity based lenses to share information the School will honour the Indigenous heritage of psychedelic medicines and lead the movement for legalization in a direction that will benefit all people.

Why Choose School of Psychedelics Courses?

Enroll in captivating courses and training programs and acquire the knowledge required to:

  •  Address client inquiries about safety and efficacy.
  •  Familiarize yourself with psychedelic therapy methods.
  •  Comprehend clinical trial results and recommended practices.
  •  Implement psychedelic-supported therapies in your practice.
  •  Obtain continuing education credits (CE/CME).


Seminar Series: Psychedelics in Canada: Past, Present, and Future

The Psychedelics in Canada: Past, Present, and Future seminar series is Canada’s most comprehensive digital education program on Psychedelics. This seven part seminar series bridges the gap between ancestral knowledge and modern science. Seminar topics include history, pharmacology, legal and regulatory context, research evidence, therapeutic approaches, and practical considerations for conducting psychedelic research.

Each seminar will be led by subject experts who bring a wealth of experience in psychedelic research, clinical practice, policy, and education, ensuring participants receive a well-rounded and in-depth understanding of the complex world of psychedelics. Weaved throughout each seminar is an equity and diversity-based lens, presenting content from Indigenous, racialized, and patient perspectives to provide considerations that should be applied to all aspects of psychedelic medicine.

Registration opens on May 1, 2023. Participants are welcome to register for individual seminars or for the entire series as a bundle. The seven seminars each contain 1-2 hours of video instruction. A new seminar will be released each month, and for each seminar there will also be a live 1 hour virtual forum for questions and discussion during the month it is released. Content will be available for a minimum of one year (i.e., December 2024).  Attendees will receive a Certificate of Completion for continuing education credits. 

Topics and instructors:

  1. Flashbacks: An historical overview of psychedelic research and Canada’s contributions. Dr. Erika Dyck, Thomas Hartle (opens May 1)
  2. Healing and Psychedelics in Indigenous Communities. Francine Douglas, Kayla Breelove Carter (opens June 1)
  3. Coffee vs. LSD: Pharmacology of psychoactive substances. Dr. Olga Chernoloz, Francine Douglas (opens July 1)
  4. Access to Psychedelics: The legal and regulatory landscape. Dr. Rielle Capler, Susan Chapelle, Paul Lewin, Francine Douglas (opens September 1)
  5. Overview of Contemporary Psychedelic Research. Dr. Brian Rush, Dr. Olivia Marcus (opens October 1)
  6. Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy Approaches. Dr. Anne Wagner, Francine Douglas (opens November 1)
  7. Considerations for Conducting Psychedelic Research. Sabrina Ramkellawan, Francine Douglas(opens December 1)

In this seminar series, participants will:

  •  Develop a comprehensive understanding of historical, cultural, and social factors that have influenced the development of psychedelic research and practices, and their impact on contemporary psychedelic studies and public perceptions.
  •  Develop a nuanced understanding of the historical and contemporary experiences of Indigenous communities in Canada, including the impact of colonization and the potential for psychedelic medicines to facilitate healing from ancestral and racialized trauma.
  •  Gain a comprehensive understanding of neurotransmitter and neuromodulator systems, and explore the effects of psychedelics on these systems. Additionally, learn about an Indigenous perspective on healing with psychedelics and plant medicines.
  •  Develop a comprehensive understanding of the legal and regulatory landscape of psychedelics in Canada, and implications for access and safety. Additionally, gain an understanding of the federal government’s Charter obligations to medical psychedelic patients and considerations of UNDRIP and Indigenous sovereignty.
  •  Develop a comprehensive understanding of the history and contemporary state of psychedelic research, including current areas of focus on mental health and addictions, various methodological approaches, health and wellness outcomes, and safety considerations. Additionally, gain a deeper understanding of important considerations related to Indigenous peoples and other equity-seeking groups.
  •  Gain a comprehensive understanding of the practice of Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy, including the importance of set and setting, preparation, and integration, as well as different therapy approaches and their outcomes. Additionally, explore Indigenous healing approaches and considerations about the appropriateness of western modalities for Indigenous peoples..
  •  Gain a comprehensive understanding of considerations for conducting psychedelic research, including Health Canada regulations, ethics, study outcomes, training, and operations, as well as strategies for the inclusion of diverse populations in research. Additionally, learn from an Indigenous view point about vital aspects of research designs and protocols for including Indigenous participants.

How to access your course:

  1. After your purchase you will receive a confirmation email (please check junk mail if you do not receive one, or contact
  2. Click the link in the confirmation email to access your course, this will prompt you to create an account and a unique password.
  3. Once you are in your account, navigate to the “dashboard” to access your course!
  4. Once you are in the course, navigate to “lessons”, and you will find your content here.
  5. Please contact us with any questions:

MAPS Canada is committed to making information about psychedelic medicines accessible to all people. If finances are a barrier to your participation please fill in the form here to receive a scholarship.

May 23, 2023

Education, MAPS Canada School of Psychedelics

World Psychedelics Day

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