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On June 20th we recognized the latest in the psychedelic renaissance…

On 6·20 we recognized a new age of informed perspectives on the beneficial properties of both modern psychedelic compounds and ancient plant medicines and practices. 6·20 honours the Indigenous wisdom and frontier science that have brought about the current “Psychedelic Renaissance,” a movement which has grown out of the serious, dedicated work of thousands of scientists, therapists, individuals, and organizations challenging the distortions created by prohibition and the War On Drugs.


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The Grey’s Greetings to WPD 620

WPD 620 1. Early Adopters

WPD 620 2. The Future of Psychedelic Health Care

WPD 620 3. Trials and Tribulations

WPD 620 4. Decolonizing Psychedelics

WPD 620 5. Queer Psychedelic Visionaries

WPD 620 6. Living Through a Pandemic

WPD 620 7. Opening The Doors of Perception (r)

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Welcome to the Psychedelic Multiverse! We are pleased to announce a collaboration with Ozzo, a video conferencing platform that adds a whole new dimension to the online collective experience. It allows you to move around freely in a 3D environment and encourages smaller, more natural connections within larger groups of people as well as the possibility of presentations to many people at a time. Any device able to run a Chrome-based browser is all that is required to participate. Watch a demo video.

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