Decriminalize Nature Mass. Networking Event

On June 20th, as part of “International Psychedelics Day,” Decriminalize Nature Massachusetts (DNMA) is hosting a small educational and networking event in Northampton. We want to meet in-person to network and deepen our relationships so we can better collaborate to build a local culture of wise use and harm reduction in the Northampton area. 

This invite-only, in-person event will be hosted by DNMA at Pure Life Studios, a new gallery and event space in Downtown Northampton. Local organizers are working together to invite a select number of local advocates, practitioners, integration coaches and other good people to attend this event, including some special guest speakers, listed below. 

Special guest speakers will include:

Dan Bensenoff, lead advocate behind the Northampton decriminalization campaign 

Juliana Rose Goldstone, Psychedelics Integration Coach, @boldlyembodied (IG)

Michou Olivera, Self Realization and Psychedelic Guidance coach, @michou413 

Daniel Shankin, Founder of Tam Integration, @tamintegration


DNMA is an educational and advocacy campaign that supports grassroots civic engagement to decriminalize entheogenic* plants and fungi. DNMA supported the April 2021 Northampton City Council ordinance to deprioritize enforcement of criminal charges for possession of natural psychedelics and all controlled substances. As stated in the ordinance, this action was pursued “through the lens of public health and restorative racial justice initiatives.”

As psychedelics become more mainstream in Northampton, we at DNMA feel that a deeper community of knowledge and wisdom-sharing is needed in order to help people understand the mental and spiritual health benefits that can be achieved with the safe and respectful use of these compounds.

*entheogen – from the Greek entheos, meaning “full of the god” and “genésthai”, meaning “to come into being” – a  substance, typically of plant origin, that is ingested to produce a nonordinary state of consciousness for religious or spiritual purposes

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