WPD Presents The Psychedelic Salon

9 am – noon (PST) / Noon – 3 pm (EST) / 5-8 pm (BST/GMT)

Last year 2,500 people from over 50 countries registered for 15 thought-provoking panels with 52 global speakers. If you’d like to view them, they’re available here for free.

This year we’re jumping into augmented reality in the Ozzo.events 3D meeting platform. Ozzo has generously offered to host our Psychedelic Salon and has hosted events for MAPS (the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) and NASA. Using your arrow keys, you can move around freely in Ozzo’s interactive 3D environments and talk with or listen to this year’s great line-up of guests and people from all over our beautiful planet.

If you’d like to join us we’d encourage you to watch this 1 minute demo video. Please go for a full tour of its features prior to the event.

This year, we are honoured to welcome the following guests who will be at the Psychedelic Salon to talk with you (their availability during the event will vary according to their schedules—we’ll keep updating):

  • Dr. Jeffrey Becker, Chief Scientific Officer, Bexson Biomedical
  • Dr Alexander Belser,  Psychedelic Researcher & Psychologist – Yale University; Chief Clinical Officer – Adelia Therapeutics [11:00-Noon PST / 2:00pm -3:00pm EST / 7:00-8:00pm BST/GMT]
  • Dr. Clancy Cavnar, Clinical Psychologist, Artist, Co-founder and Board Member, Chacruna Institute for Psychedelic Plant Medicines [9-Noon PST / Noon-3 EST / 5-8pm BST-GMT]
  • Tyler Chandler, Filmmaker, DOSED and DOSED2
  • Dr. Devon Christie, Clinical Instructor, UBC Dept. of Medicine, Medical Director – Numinus Wellness Inc. [10:30-11:30 PST /1:30-2:30 PST / 6:30-7:30 BST-GMT]
  • Anya Ermakova, PhD. Clinical research consultant, Beckley Psytech and Board Member, Chacruna Institute [10-Noon PST / 1-3pm EST / 6-8pm BST/GMT]
  • Nan Shuni Giron, Guatemalan Ceremonial Leader, Spiritual Guide, Shamanic Plant Healer (Curandera), Naturopathic Doctor
  • Mark Haden, Founder, fmr Director MAPS Canada; Advisor Psygen; VP Business Development, Clearmind Medicine
  • Kim Haxton, Cross-cultural Interpretation, Applied Decolonization & Lateral Liberation; Nature & Land-based Education [9-Noon PST / Noon-3 EST / 5-8pm BST-GMT]
  • Oliver Hockenhull, Director, Neurons to Nirvana: Understanding Psychedelic Medicine
  • Dr. Pamela Kryskow, Adjunct Professor – Vancouver Island University; Clinical Instructor – UBC; Founding Board Member – Canadian Psychedelic Association; Medical Lead – Roots To Thrive
  • Bia Labate, Executive Director – Chacruna Institute for Psychedelic Plant Medicines
  • Dennis McKenna,  Ethnopharmacologist, Founder – McKenna Academy
  • Nicholas Meyers, Filmmaker, DOSED and DOSED2  [10:30-11:30 PST / 1:30-2:30 EST / 6:30pm-7:30pm BST-GMT]
  • Marcela Ot’alora G.,MA LPC, Principal Investigator for MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy Research [9:00-10:30 EST / 10-11:30 MT / Noon-1:30 EST / 5pm-6:30 BST-GMT]
  • Jazmin Pirozek, Founder – Boom Bay Integrative Healing; Speaker & Consultant; Advisory Board Member – CPA
  • Ian Rouillier,Writer & Mental Health Advocate, Medical Trial Participant, Psylocibin Studies, UK, Featured by Oprah Winfrey, Subject in How To Change Your Mind, Michael Pollan [9-11 PST / Noon-2pm EST / 5-7pm BST-GMT]
  • Eesmyal Santos-Brault, Board Chair, MAPS Canada, CEO Quantified Citizen,
    Co-founder & Director, Psychedelic Data Society [9-Noon PST / Noon-3 EST / 5-8pm BST-GMT]
  • Sensei Kevon Simpson, Ordained Minister, International Two Spirit Medicine Man, Founder – Entheogen Integration Circle
  • Rev. Shannon L. Smadella,  Host, Spokesperson & Business Advisor – World Psychedelics Day; Metaphysical Advisor & CEO – Insight Global
  • Dr. Darron Smith, Psychedelic Researcher, University of Memphis

In Salon 1 you’ll find discussions about:

  • Clinical Trials and the Business of Psychedelics
  • Advances in Psychedelic Assisted Therapy
  • Psychedelics and Climate Activism
  • Advice Huddle. Give or Get Advice

And, in Salon 2:

  • New Psychedelic Compounds
  • Psychedelic Ethics: Touch & Consent in Therapy
  • Indigenous Reciprocity Initiative
  • DOSED 2 & Neurons To Nirvana (meet the filmmakers)

These are loose guidelines. Conversations can, of course, go anywhere you take them.

So please join us when you can. Our Ozzo meeting space is officially open for 3 hours on Monday, June 20.  9am-Noon PST / Noon-3 EST / 5pm-8pm BST-GMT. Our special guests will be joining us as their schedules permit.

There will also be a 3D recreation of Shulgin’s Lab to explore. Do join us! There’s lots to talk about and we’d love your company.

Monday, June 20: 9am-Noon PST/Noon-3 EST/5pm-8pm BST.

It’s a FREE event! All that’s required for anyone to participate is a computer or laptop with access to the Internet and a Chromium-based browser (like Google’s Chrome). Ozzo won’t be mobile-ready in time for our gathering.

Thank you again for your past participation, and hoping you can join us again.



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