Adult Content Warning: To access and use this website  you must be an adult under applicable law.


With certain exceptions, the substances discussed on this website are illegal in most jurisdictions. However, there are areas in the world where it is legal to have and use psychedelics. Licensed clinics exist in many countries where psychedelics are administered in supervised, therapeutic contexts. We advise against the use of psychedelic substances in places where they are not permitted by law.

Psychedelics have known beneficial properties, and with rigorous scientific study, their benefits will continue to be demonstrated; we hope that progressive drug policies will result and make possible the safe, responsible, legal use of psychedelics. We encourage you to educate yourself about the nature of psychoactive substances and their legal status in various parts of the world. If you decide to have a psychedelic experience, we recommend that you plan carefully, and find a jurisdiction where possession and use is legal.

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