It’s time for a compassionate conversation about the potential of psychedelics

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, June 20th, 2023 marks World Psychedelics Day 620 (WPD 620), an annual global day of discussion, events, and celebrations established by the International Psychedelics Awareness Foundation in 2021. This year…you’re invited to dinner!

WPD 620, the Psychedelic Association of Canada (PAC), Drugs Over Dinner (DOD), and the Ethical Psychedelic International Community (EPIC) are inviting people worldwide to host or participate in one of hundreds of psychedelics discussion dinners on, or in the week leading up to, June 20. Plan your event here.

Drugs Over Dinner is a non-profit initiative focused on inspiring compassionate conversations about psychedelics. DOD has created a timely, global awareness campaign that aims to inspire people everywhere to organise a dinner, lunch, or virtual gathering to share thoughts, experiences, and reservations about psychedelics. DOD’s fabulous website will help you plan, host, and moderate a dinner, tailored to your intention and interests. 

Keep your dinner private, or share a taste of your evening—post a short reel, or images to: #WPD620 #psychedelics #psychedelicethics #mentalhealth, #microdose, #ketaminetherapy, #psychedelictherapy. Keep up with psy-conversations @wpd620 @lifeoverdinner and @mapscanada #WPD620

And if you’re planning any psychedelics-related event in June or have something to showcase from your archives, you’re welcome to share links and details at the above tags.

Each year, like Bicycle Day, 420, and Earth Day, WPD 620 takes on an imaginative and educational life of its own, with events online and in-person, recognizing this new era of informed and more inclusive community perspectives on psychedelics and traditional psychoactive plant medicines. For WPD 620’s inaugural event in 2021, over 2,500 people from 50 countries registered with 15 fascinating discussion panels (free replays here). In 2022, global participants met in the first-ever Psychedelic Salon, a 3D virtual environment offering eight lively, curated conversations with diverse and informed people. 

You can get cool T-shirts from us and Flying Sage to support WPD 620. Questions, comments, or ideas to share? Please reach out to

Save the date 620, have a Happy World Psychedelics Day, and bon appetit! 



May 23, 2023

Drugs Over Dinner, WPD 6-20-23

World Psychedelics Day

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